Audits and Site Inspections

Ideal for providing you with real insight into where your company stands on health and safety or checking whether your management systems are working.

Members of your team can probably carry out high quality audits and inspections – we may even have trained them. From time to time though, it helps to get a really in-depth, independent perspective, or some added experience if you’re facing new or unusual risks your own team may not have the experience to deal with.

Just a few of the health and safety and risk management audits we carry out for our clients across the UK include:

  • Baseline audits to identify your risk profile
  • Detailed audits for benchmarking or verification
  • Legal compliance gap analysis
  • Industry specific standards compliance audits
  • ISO18001 pre-certification audit
  • Site inspections

Each audit is discussed in detail so that we understand exactly what you want to learn. After carrying out a comprehensive and fully confidential audit we provide a full report and a prioritised action plan to get you moving everything in the right direction.

Get expert services and advice on the most crucial audits, risk assessments and site inspections from our experienced health and safety consultants. Contact us today to tell us what you want to know and we can put together an audit package for you.