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Level 1- Basic Rigging 15500 + Tax

Basic Rigger

Four hours of interactive video of hands-on instruction and lifting activities make this Basic Rigger course engaging and educational.  Subjects include:

  • Rigging Identification
  • Steel Slings
  • Synthetic Slings
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Hitch Capacities and Sling Protection

Signalperson and Crane Operations

The most engaging Signalperson Course in E-Learning available – not only covering hand and voice signals, but a solid, in-depth introduction to mobile and overhead crane operations.  Four hours in length. Subjects covered include:

  • Crane operations
  • Knots, Hitches, Taglines
  • Hand Signals
  • Voice Signals

Level 2 – Intermediate Rigging 20500 + Tax

IR01 – Journeyman Rigger’s Reference Card Orientation

This 30 minute module identifies how to use the Journeyman Rigger’s Reference Card throughout the other modules and in the field. It identifies how to use the card for calculating of sling capacities, load weights, rigging hardware capacities, hitches and load control, as well as finding hand signals. This module contains several problem-solving workshops throughout to check the student’s understanding.

IR02 – Load Weight Estimation

This 30 minute module identifies the importance of estimating weight prior to lifting as well as how to do so using simple formulas. It contains several problem-solving workshops throughout to check the student’s understanding.

IR03 – Center of Gravity

Finding the Center of Gravity is a 30 minute module dedicated to clarifying what the CG is and how to determine it. Students are instructed how to calculate the Center of Gravity through theory and formulas.

IR04 – Load Distribution

This 30 minute module describes how load weights are distributed between lifting points during lifts. Students learn how to calculate the weight applied to each lifting point, ensuring neither point is overloaded and that the correct equipment is suited to make the lift. Lifting and load transfers with trolley beams, multiple cranes, and lifting beams are used to challenge students in the workshop sections.

IR05 – Load Control

This 30 minute module ensures that students understand key considerations regarding hitch configurations and their effect on controlling the load. Students learn to identify all of the hitch types and their characteristics including CG placement, leg-loading, and level of load control. Practice problems again reinforce how to select sling configurations concerning good load control.

IR06 – Sling Tension

This 30 minute module instructs students to identify the amount of loading that is taking place on slings at differing angles. Students find sling tension based on the load factor and share of load. They then are required to make proper rigging selections based on the actual loading of the sling. Several examples involving two, three, and four-sling configurations expose students to many situations in which they must find all sling tensions.

Level 3 – Advanced Rigging 25500 + Tax

AR01 – Master Rigger Reference Card Orientation

This 30 minute module demonstrates to students the capabilities of the Master Rigger’s Reference Card as it is used to calculate many complex lifting applications.

AR02 – Load Turning

This 30 minute module educates students on weight transfer and crane loading that occurs during load turning including multi-crane lifts.

AR03 – Chain Hoists and Load Drifting

This 30 minute module demonstrates the nature and application of load drifting including weight transfers, shifting sling tensions, share of load, and weight distribution.

AR04 – Winches and Blocks

This 30 minute module examines winch and block applications for pulling loads horizontally and vertically using winches and pulley-systems taking into account inclined planes and coefficient of friction.

AR05 – Levers, Jacking and Rolling

This 30 minute module delves into how to move loads with mechanical, hydraulic, and air systems horizontally while encountering topics like coefficient of friction and force.

AR06 – Off-Level Pick Points

This 30 minute module educates students on rigging considerations for loads with multiple off-level pick points taking into account sling tension, share of load, and weight distribution.