Methods of Study

Concepts Safety Services Pvt. Ltd. provides choice so you can study in the way that suits you best.

Choose from:

  • Classroom Training- with our expert trainers at locations throughout the India, Africa and Middle East.Our classroom training provides an energetic and natural place for you to learn. We limit the number of participants so you are getting personal attention and Group Interaction i.e Human touch learning from one another.

    CSS Pvt. Ltd. has an excellent team of trainers and consultants, all of whom are very experienced in the delivery of, IEMA, IOSH and NEBOSH courses.

    CSS Pvt. Ltd. is known for quality and excellence. We provide first-class training in top-quality locations in India/Africa and Middle East. We buy Standard IOSH/IEMA/NEBOSH approved course material and resources.

  • Blended Learning – a mixture of classroom training and e-learning.Blended courses have proven to be among the most popular choices for students. At first glance, this popularity seems intuitive because blended courses allow students to take advantage of much of the flexibility, freedom and convenience of an online course while retaining the benefits of the face-to-face classroom experience on cost effective basis.

    Blended learning is well planed, so, you know what to learn and when to learn, reducing the time spent in the classroom and allowing some flexibility in gaining IOSH,IEMA and NEBOSH Certification.

    During the blended learning classroom training sessions are smaller duration can you can pay attention, your expert trainer will review key topics from the course. Outside of the classroom, you have unlimited support by phone and e-mail, groups, forums so help is always at hand and accessible 24X7.

    Distance/e-Learning – total flexibility (with options to study on or offline) and expert trainers available when you need help.

    Concept Safety Services ‘s distance/e-Learning IOSH,IEMA and NEBOSH courses are for those who want a flexible but effective way to study. This method of learning is best suited to those who are unable to attend classroom training, or who just want more flexibility.

    There are some obvious advantages to the use of digital media for content delivery.

    Our online learning site is easy to navigate and use. The key features of our IOSH,IEMA,NEBOSH distance learning courses include:

  • Flexibility – start at any time and work at your own speed and any Geography.
  • Unlimited support – e-mail and phone access to team of training and technical experts.
  • Online resources – the online course is designed to take you through the course step by step.
  • Online forums – where you can discuss issues raised during your course with fellow students and your trainers.
  • Progress and practice the mock exam and give you feedback to ensure you are well prepared for the real exam.
  • Exam locations – available worldwide at British Councils.
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